As readers of this blog know, Kyle Bass and I are targeting big pharma’s “evergreening” practice, which uses bogus patents to artificially extend monopoly pricing on branded pharmaceuticals.

We’re concerned about a seemingly cozy relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the patent office. A Freedom of Information Act request filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of Kyle Bass yielded 611 very heavily redacted pages.

I ask the question “What is Michelle Lee Hiding?” in a guest post on IPWatchdog. You can read the full story over there, but basically Lee and her staff have met with representatives of “big pharma” while not managing to find time for a meeting with us. Less than a month after we started this pharma program, Michelle Lee and her senior staff met with BIO – the pharmaceutical industry trade organization – and everything relating to the meeting was redacted.  We requested a meeting with Ms. Lee at approximately the same time and we are still waiting for that meeting.   Ms. Lee and other senior executives received a presentation from the USPTO chief economist on the stock market implications of our filing IPRs—naturally that presentation was also redacted. While we hear much about Ms. Lee’s transparency, read this one and you be the judge. 

The piece has been picked up in several other places, including Law360CorporateCounsel, and FiercePharma.

We hope that the publicity will convince Michelle Lee to be more forthcoming. She preaches “transparency” as a good thing – let’s see some!